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Question by Cukus: Where can i get a garcinia cambogia extract free trial?
I have been reading alot about this garcinia cambogia extract that everybody has been talking about lately, apparently its really good for natural weight loss but i dont want to go to the local store and try and buy some. Is there any place i can get a free trial, or some free samples to try out??

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Answer by Kelly
Well, garcinia cambogia is a good weight loss herb because it helps in suppressing the appetite. But there is an even much more powerful herb called Gymnema Sylvestris. It is said to work triple the power of garcinia cambogia . You see, when your appetite is suppressed, you eat less and when you eat less, your body burn more stored fat, when your body burns more stored fat you lose weight. So, your moving in the right direction. However, a good product I know that works well is BurnMore, it’s not free, but I know someone who swears by it, and when I checked the ingredients, it has powerful gymnema sylvestris, in fact, you can smell the herbs the moment you open the bottle. Give it a try.

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Posted on May 31, 2013

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